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The Lecturer’s Tale is written by an author name James Hynes. He is an English author and the book is also based in England in a  university where he serves as a visiting teacher. Published by Picador, the book was published in 2002 and became quite popular amongst the readers since the people in the field of academics can relate to it. In the end, download The Lecturer’s Tale Pdf free.

The Lecturer’s Tale Pdf


The Lecturer’s Tale Summary:

The story revolves around the main character who is a visiting lecturer at the University of Midwest University. For some reason, he is fired and just after that an ax falls on his hand and the fingers are cut off. The doctors fix the fingers but after the accident, he realizes that he can now make other people do what he wants using his touch. He uses this superpower of his to gain more academic and to make his position in the university permanent. His will for power and more finesse at his profession adds a tint of horror to the book. Satire is an important part of the book which is portrayed through the actions of the protagonist.

The Lecturer’s Tale Review:

James Hynes is a much-accomplished writer. One of his books has been added to the New York Times Notable list. This book is also quite interesting since it has a bit of a theme of greed. Human beings never tend to get satisfied with what they have since they always want more. This urge is strengthened once they realize that they have power and control over someone else.

Even while dealing with a serious theme, the author adds in just the right amount of humor at the right time which keeps the writer absorbed in the book. Dealing with the power struggles people have to face in academic, this book is a must-read.

Download The Lecturer’s Tale Pdf Free:

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