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Download The Communist Manifesto Pdf Free + Summary + Review

Communism is an ideology that has been a reason for much chaos in the world. It has changed the world into a quite different form. An ideology in which people of state and their representation loses its value. There are many books written on the topic and still being written. This is an idea which was discarded by most people in the world. Yet, there are many so embraced it and called it a solution to all problem which it is not. One of the many books written on the book, which actually is a political pamphlet is known as The Communist Manifesto pdf. It was written in 19th century by two very prominent persons Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Of all the political manuscripts that were written, the Communist Manifesto is the most popular among. Today we are going to review it.

the communist manifesto pdf


About the Authors Karl Marx:

First, I am going to tell you about Karl Marx. This man was everything a person could become. He was a socialist, revolutionary, thinker, economist, philosopher, and sociologist. His services in the field of political sciences played an important role in changing the face of the world. He spent most of this life in London and became one of the most important figures in history. His ability of seeing things simply had no match. His theories on society and humans have a great impact on the world. He is still being studies and remembered in many political institutions of the world.

Friedrich Engels comes next and he is the co-author of the pamphlet. He was no different from Karl Marx. Being in the same fields as did Karl, he left a noticeable mention in the history. Marxist theory which is one of the most important theory in political theory, is the co-foundation of him with Karl Marx. His major role was to financially support Karl Marx and he did rest of the work. Engels did contribute with pen but it was Karl mostly. However, it is also true that this theory couldn’t been a success with the role he played.

The Communist Manifesto Summary:

The Communist Manifesto has four parts. Each part presents a different political situation. In the first part, it is described that how communism is spoiling the basic ideology of state. How Europe is affecting by and what could be the measures to save the place from this ideology. All the people of Europe and Holy alliances are rising against the horror. It is very important to keep the democratic basis of the country strong. The specter of this ideology might try to consume it. It is we, the people, who will stop it from ruining the roots of the continent.

In the 2nd section, it is explained that how a communist consumes the middle-class life. The concept of capitalism and monarchy are the dangers to the life a middle-class man. He needs to understand what is beneficial for him and how he would survive this evil. It may try to show that it is very good but in fact it is against the very basic principles of men. He takes away the right of freedom, free love and destroy lives. People may sometime think that they are free but that doesn’t remain the case. They are being pushed in the monarchy which is not fine for them.

Then in the 3rd section, the social doctrines are differentiated from the communism doctrines. It has been very clear by the author that what kind of danger communism will bring to human life. To understand what is right and wrong, you really need to read this book.

The Communist Manifesto pdf Review:

There is not a better book to understand the political situation concerning socialism and communism. To understand the basic concepts of these theories, it is very important that you get this book. Especially for a political scientist student, this manifesto is a gem. It is very important to understand what kind of system is good society. Which system protects us and which one is trying to enslave us? Many free thinkers, who have been a strong critic of governments, they never agree with these systems. However, to run the world we have got to choose what is wrong or right. We can’t be treated like sheep. We are humans and we need a good system to run this world.

These are the topics with which this book deals. The Marxist theory brought a revolution and helps us understood many things. Now we can differentiate and choose between many things. This pamphlet can provide the basis for a strong and free human society.

Download The Communist Manifesto Pdf Free:

It is important that students keep both hard and soft copy of the book with them. To get the communist manifesto e-book pdf, download it from the link below in the pdf form.

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