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Books are the best friends we could ever get. They stay silent while telling and teaching us a lot. Finding greatness in other things might be difficult but in books, every book is already great. However, still, it might be difficult for some people to find some really good books. This is when the internet and sites like ours comes in handy. You are going to find a lot of amazing books on our site along with their reviews. Today, we wanted to start off with a real master piece. When it comes to master pieces, I could of nothing else but To Kill a Mockingbird. If you are not able to buy this book then download the free To Kill a Mockingbird Pdf from our site.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book written by Harper Lee who was known for magic in her pen. This book is one of her master pieces and one of the greatest books of all time. In this review, you are going to know a lot revealing why this book is so amazing. A pure work of learning through observations from our surrounding, this books is something magical. All of this was just to get you to introduce to this book. Now we are going to tell you everything about this book. The plot, summary, about characters, and almost everything. You will be able to download the free To Kill a Mockingbird Pdf at the end. So keep reading and I am sure you will love this book.

to kill a mockingbird pdf


To Kill a Mockingbird Pdf Introduction:

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book written by an award winner American Novelist Harper Lee. Though, this book was just a result of her observation of family and surrounding. Still, this book rose to great fame due to the amazing story and characters written. 11 July 1960 was the date when this book originally got published. And now it’s been 56 years and people are still reading this book. A story so intriguing, characters so alive, that I wanted this to read again and again. And I am sure you will be have the same feelings about the book. The book got so successful that it has so many awards to its name. This book has some amazing facts and a history that you are going love while reading. What else there is about the book? Keep reading ahead to know.

Harper Lee rose to great fame after this book. To Kill a Mockingbird is not some fantasy book which the author would put. This book is a result of keen observation of her family, neighbors, and rest of the society. Observing and learning through society, and then write such book really takes some master’s work. Harper Lee, as amazing she was, really proved to be a master mind after this work of her. The book takes help of things such as humor to teach very important lessons. This books makes you involved while talking on some important issues such as inequality and rape. These two issues have been a dark part of our society which are elaborated beautifully in this book. To Kill a Mockingbird won many awards including Pulitzer Prize which got this book great fame.

About the Author Harper Lee:

Harper Lee was an American Novelist who was born on April 28th 1926. Certainly a date when a legend was born. Her real name was Nelle Harper Lee but she was later called only by her pen name. To Kill a Mockingbird was the only book she had written but guess that was enough. That only book got him all the fame and greatness she deserved. Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded to her in year 2007 for this master piece. It is hard to earn this award and many writers wrote a 100 books but still failed to get it. But Lee, as genius she was, got this just for one book. To Kill a Mockingbird was described as one of the greatest achievements in the literature. Lee left us in the year of 2016 on February 19th but she will never leave our hearts.

To Kill a Mockingbird is an extra-ordinary work from an American Novelist Harper Lee. In a good review, it is very important to illustrate the life of author. To let people know the great person who wrote such amazing books. The hardships and struggle she had to go through while writing and publishing this book. I believe that work she did, especially in this book, will be remembered forever. It is comparatively easy to write a fantast or fiction book. Those books require some good thinking and earning is easy that way. But what Harper Lee did was simply unbelievable. An event that happened hear her home when was 10, was the base for her writing this novel. The things that happened during that gave her many things and all she had to do was to put that in words.

To Kill a Mocking Bird Pdf Review:

Most of the people might think of this review a biased one. But doesn’t matter how critically you see it, you will still be willing to praise it. Honestly, this is how this novel is. A work of great observation and learning from your society and what’s around you. People look all over the society but they never actually see. This what made Harper Lee a legend and different from other people. She didn’t only see what was happening around her. She instead, learned from her family and events that happened. A book that you will want to read again and again. A story and then characters so attractive, that you will fall in love this thing. And Lee was only 10 when things that put the basis for this story happened. A tragic event left some memories that were later re-known as To Kill a Mockingbird.

There are different moods that we happen to live during our life. We love and hate, show kindness and cruelty, and we are clever and innocent. All of these are behaviors that we exhibit during our timeline. Wouldn’t it be great if someone puts all of that in a book? It will be like reading all of the feelings in your life from a person different from you. In the summary section, you are going to learn what all of these words really mean. This review might not bring out the core of the story but it definitely explains what I felt while reading this book. To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that teaches thing that really happen in life. You will find strength and courage to find what you might face in life from To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Mockingbird Summary:

The story starts in Alabama. It revolves around a teenager, who is also the narrator, named Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. Her father Atticus Finch, brother Jem, friend Dill and a neighbor Boo Radley are the main characters in story. Boo Radley is known as an anti-social person who has never left his home. Reason being, he once stabbed his father with scissors when was he was young. Well! They heard of it more like a rumor, and never knew what is true. However, all of this gets Scout curious. She starts thinking of something that will help her get out the truth. She thinks of something that would make her go near the haunted house of Boo Radley. So she, along with her friends, make a plan which will comprise a drama. This will get them near the house of the person.

So, they plan a drama. Though they never know him, they make a drama about his life. Plan is to let him see what they are doing and he might finally come out. Atticus Finch, who is a lawyer and a gentleman, seems them doing this. He catches them and successfully shows that he did not found all this pleasing. So they try different things to enter his house. One night, they try to climb the house to breach. But their bad luck, Nathan Radley who is Boo’s brother, hears them. But not knowing what he really heard, fire a shot from his gun. Hearing the shot, the children decide to bounce but the unlucky Jem gets his pant caught in the fence. However, when he return to get back them back when it is mid night, his pant look different from before.

After this, a lot of strange thing start happening to these children. One of them are the presents that are left for them in a hole near Radley’s house. Whenever they go near the hole, they find themselves pennies and candies that are left for them as a gift. This certainly is astonishing because why would someone leave them gifts and that for breaking in. The time passes on and the winter arrives. Mysteries won’t stop happening though. One day in winter, they favorite neighbor Miss Maudie’s house was set on fire. The thing made the children terrified but for their amazement, someone raps Scout with a blanket. This happened when they were near Boo’s haunted place. When she reaches home, it is her parents who realized and asks about the blanket. She didn’t knew who the angel was so she couldn’t answer, though she guessed Mr. Boo.

As the time passes, Atticus, since he is lawyer, takes a new case. That is of a man named Tom Robinson, who is under the rape charge. He is accused that he raped a girl named Mayella Ewell. Defending a rapist, could not have been easy. Mr. Atticus faces a lot of criticism for his decision of defending a rapist. And that criticism was not just limited to the lawyer but also his family. Mr. Atticus, being very good with his instincts, had something else in his mind. Something was telling him that Tom is innocent and he should defend him. Tom Robinson is a black man and him standing a chance against white jury was almost 0. Mr. Atticus wanted to achieve two things from this. First, to prove Tom innocent and give him justice. Second, was to expose the racial behavior of the people in society.

The ideal opportunity for the trial moves closer, and Atticus’ sister Alexandra comes to stay with the family. She is legitimate and antiquated and needs to shape Scout into the model of the Southern female, much to Scout’s disdain. Dill flees from his home, where his mom and new father don’t appear to be occupied with him. He stays in Maycomb for the late spring of Tom’s trial. The night prior to the trial, Tom is moved into the province correctional facility.

While their father is fighting such case, these are hard times for children too. They are being mocked by friends and school fellow for being children of a person who is fighting justice for a black man. This is a never ending fight of races that those white people never wanted to lose. Causing trouble for his memory was one of the weapons they could use well. One of their family members, criticizes Mr. Atticus by readily calling him ‘Nigger lover’. These words were hard and Scout could not stop herself from acting. She beats the shit out of him for saying that. Thing don’t go well from now on in the family. Days pass and time of trial is coming nearer each days. Meanwhile Alexandria, the sister of Mr. Atticus arrives in the town.

Alexandria is a woman of a whole different thinking. She is much of a feminist and wants her niece to turn in to one. Scout, she is quite against the whole idea, doesn’t like her aunt very much. Dill, who also feels deprived of the home, leaves his parent’s home and arrive there. Though, his parents don’t seem to care much about that. So, Dill is there in the times of trial with them. Meanwhile, before the trial, Tom is moved in to the jail in country which is more troubling for Mr. Atticus. He has to stand guard outside the jail to avoid any danger to his client. Children, who fear for their father, decides that they should look out for him. Some rioters also decide to harass Tom in the jail and the lawyer also gets attacked in the process.

The trial pits the confirmation of the white Ewell family against Tom’s proof. As per the Ewells, Mayella approached Tom to do some work for her. Meanwhile her dad was out, and Tom came into their home and coercively beat and assaulted Mayella. He did that until her dad showed up and frightened him off. Tom’s adaptation is that Mayella welcomed him inside, then tossed her arms around him and started to kiss him. Tom attempted to push her away. At the point when Bob Ewell arrived, he flew into a wrath and beat her, while Tom fled in fear.

Mr. Ewell, who has won the case, still wants to seek revenge against Mr. Atticus. Reason being, he thinks that he was humiliated since he was an honored and rich man. But what he tries is something a really cheap person would do. He tries to seek revenge on children. One day while Scout and Jem are coming back home, he pursues them in the dark. He attacks them which was made unsuccessful by Jem’s agility. He happens to break rich man’s arm. Scout, on the other hand due to her Halloween dress, is unable to figure out what’s happening. But to their great surprise, someone who was always underrated, come to their rescue.

The person rescuing them is Mr. Boo Radley. He kills Mr. Ewell saving the children in the process. Sheriffs, who reach the crime scene, could only make out that the attacker became a victim of his own knife. This means that Mr. Boo cannot be tried for murder since rich man killed himself. Mr. Boo is the hero of the moment and children couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. His hero’s act has the changed the opinion of children about him. They felt embarrassed that how they used to feel about the man. They then walks him over to the house and say the goodbye greetings. But, they never get to see him again.

To Kill a Mockingbird Characters:

Mr. Atticus:

A gentleman and a lawyer by profession. Father of the two main characters in the story named Scout and JEM. He tries to win a fight that is almost impossible. He is a man who stands for what is right. He fights to save the innocent Tom while bringing our racial behavior of the society. Though he fails in doing what he wanted, still, his efforts made him a hero in the story. He is a good family man whose children love him for his amazing character.


The daughter of Mr. Atticus who also happened to be the narrator of the story. She is a lady just like her father. Though very curious and keen, she carries out a plan to know Boo Radley. She takes the help of his brother and friend Dill. They seek out a plan to breach Mr. Boo’s home. She is the one with really good heart who only wants to know the truth. Hurting Mr. Boo was never her attention. A good family lady who helped her father in the hard times when he is fighting the hardest case ever. You are going to love her while reading the novel.


The son of Mr. Atticus and one of the main characters in the story. He is a little mischievous but goes well along his sister. He is everywhere she needs her throughout the story.  He has good moral behavior and you are definitely going to love reading his part.


A friend to JEM and Scout, Dill is a great guy. Though, things at his side are not very well. His parents don’t love him much and he is not very good at life either. He, however, becomes a main character in the story for his supportive role alongside his friends.

Tom Robinson:

A black man who is falsely accused of raping a rich girl Mayella Ewell. Mr. Atticus fought the case very well for him but still they lost. He was sent to jail where he had gone mad. He attempts murder on the girl but got caught again. He gets killed trying to escape. You may call judge him as a bad character at the end but don’t forget what made him that thing.


The sister of Mr. Atticus who is an old fashioned feminist and tries to turn Scout in to one too. Though she doesn’t play much important part in the story and there is little you will know of her in the novel.

Boo Radley:

A great person who has been treated bad and misunderstood by the society. There is a rumor about him that he stabbed his own father at very young age. Whether or not this is true, he turns out to be a hero at the end. He saves the lives of children by putting an end to Mr. Ewell’s plot. Children finally get to know him but he again enters house and never comes out. He is one of the main characters in the story due to the role he plays.

So this was a little description of the main characters from the story. I can’t tell you each and everything since it would spoil your reading experience. You are going to know more interesting things about these characters once you start reading it.

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We would suggest you to buy the book if you can. It is better to buy the book and support the publishers and pray tribute to Harper lee as well. However, if you are facing any financial problems or do not have means to buy it, you can go for the free to kill a Mockingbird Pdf in the download link given below.

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