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It is very hard dying at a young age. Certainly dying of cancer is even more horrible. But, when you have achieved so much than anybody has ever done, you feel satisfied. We have lost a lot of legends before the age of 40 who could have benefited this world a lot. Paul Kalanithi was one of the many persons who have left a grave mark on the world. He died of cancer and left his memories in the form of When Breath Becomes Air. It is a book written by him before his death. A memoir in which he explained many events of his life. A great tale of a human from living to death. He didn’t publish the book himself but later done by Random House. Download the When Breath Become Air pdf at the end.

when breath becomes air pdf


When Breath Becomes Air Pdf Introduction:

This book is a memoir by Paul Kalanithi who was an Indian-American neurosurgeon and writer. His life is a tale of great achievements and hard work. He earned more than most of the people in the field of education. He did different degrees in the field of Arts and Medical. His research work and medical practice work greatly admired among his colleagues. This book When Breath becomes Air was not something planned by him. He had lung cancer and after that, he decided to write this book. He wrote this as his memoir and never intended to publish it. However, an American book publishing company published this book later after his death. Within no time this book became one of the greatest hits. On the list of The New York’s Best time seller, this book held a place for weeks. It has a rating of 4.4/5 on Good Reads.

In When Breath becomes Air, he is trying to find an answer that most of the people failed to answer. He seeks out that what is that thing that makes our lives worth living. Why we are in this world and what is our purpose. He explains his life events in the book along with a lot of experiences. He seeks out many other questions in the book and he died before even completing it. He died while he was writing this book but left a lot of things for our guidance. Reading this book will give you a great idea of life. This book received a great appreciation and critical acclaim. You can get this book by downloading the free When Breath becomes Air Pdf from the link given. It is better to pay tribute to such an amazing man by buying the book.

About Author Paul Karnithi:

My hand doesn’t want to stop writing about such great person. His life is a tale of achievement that most people only dream of. He worked hard to get a lot of degrees and knowledge. He earned in 38 years what most people can’t with their whole life. Though, he earned different degrees but later practiced neurology only. He was also a writer and wrote many articles in the field of medical sciences. He also won an award named Lewis H. Nahum Prize from his amazing research work on Tourette’s syndrome. How forgetful of me? He lived from 1st April 1977 to 9th March 2015. These 38 years are a tale of the great struggle that he did his whole life. He died fighting the metastatic lung cancer. He was on stage 4 of this dangerous disease. He did different degrees such as Arts, English literature, and then later Medical.

He was only 10 when his family had to move from town. His studied at Kingman High school. He attended Stanford University. There, he got a degree in Arts and later did his masters in English Literature. He wasn’t into the medical field first. In the year 2000, he got his first medical degree which was Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. This put the basis of his medical career. Later at Cambridge University, he got his Master’s degrees in Science and Medicine and History. He wanted to do a Ph.D. in English but settled for medical at the Yale School of Medicine. There he won an award for his research work on Tourette’s syndrome. He put some great work on it. He was awarded Lewis H. Nahum prize for his work. He died of metastatic lung cancer stage 4. This memoir was written during the year of his illness.

When Breath becomes Air Summary:

Summarizing this book is not easy. But still, I want you to give you a quick walk through of everything that’s written in the book. It is not easy putting a whole life of hard work and struggle in few words. Still, I tried my best to explain as short as I could.

In this book, Paul seeks out many questions about life and death. He wants to say that there are great secrets that we want to reveal about this life. He talks about different life event he had faced. He talks about different things he had learned from childhood to this age. A great tale of success from school to college, from a bachelor to a married man. He also expresses the regret of not being with her wife Lucy and her infant daughter. He says that he is going to miss them but also very satisfied that he achieved enough. He has given this world a lot and he can die in peace. There are few lessons that you learn from this book. I have summarized them for you so that you can get the main idea. You can read them later in detail once you have the book.

What makes life worth living despite death? What do you do when the future, no more a step toward your objectives in life, levels out into a ceaseless present? What is having a child, to support another life as another blur away? These are a portion of the inquiries Kalanithi investigates within this significantly moving, amazingly written memoir. Not all of us live a life with true purpose. Some think that life is all about earning money and just living. They don’t realize that life is about giving something to this world. To make this world a better place. You cannot just learn some skill and then earn money by it. A better life is the one with purpose. But Paul is also confused about what is the right purpose? Is giving this world something new is enough are some question he seeks.

His life story greatly inspired me. In so short time he did many degrees and yet, led a happy life. He had a wife, child, and a happy life. If not for that cancer he would still be alive and the world will be benefiting from him. We learn that if we work hard and have an ambition then it is going to be a key for success. Don’t just sit behind and wait for things to happen. Instead, stand up and happen to things. Live life for what it really is. Give this world something beneficial and take something from it.

When Breath becomes Air Pdf Review:

There are not enough to describe the wonders of this book. And it was not even intended by Paul to publish this book. In fact, he was not even done with it. He died while the book was still incomplete. Later, they were Random House, American publishers, who published this book. When Breath becomes Air turned out to be a great hit. Today, we are going to figure out, what made this book so special. Is it the tale of a successful person or the questions he discussed in the book? Not just an autobiography but a book that has great philosophy hidden. This and a lot of other question are a part of this book named When Breath become Air. A story that is a motivation for all who want to live a long worthless. It is the time that you make it useful.

Download When Breath becomes Air Pdf free:

We strongly recommend that you buy this book to support the publishers and honor the writer. However, if you are facing problem while finding or buying the book then you can download the free pdf given below. Download when breath becomes air pdf right now to read one of the best book ever written.

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