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The Home and the World is a book written by an Indian writer, Rabindranath Tagore. Originally written in Bengali, the book was published in 1916 during the time of dispute of separation and reunion of West and East Bengal. The novel explores the idea of two different notions, that is the concept of Western Culture and opposition to the Western Culture. In the end, download The Home and The World Pdf free.

The Home and The World Pdf


The Home and The World Summary:

The story revolves around two main characters Nikhil and Sandeep both of whom have opposing characteristics. Nikhil is the rational one while Sandeep is the one who can go to any limits to get what he wants. Nikhil takes his wife Bimala out to hear Sandeep talk in a rally so that she can learn more about the world. Bimala, upon hearing the speech, changes her opinion about Sandeep.

Later, she is manipulated by Sandeep into stealing money from her husband, Nikhil. By then, Bimala has realized that Sandeep is a corrupt person and he is having a bad influence on him. She tries to sell her jewelry to get the money back for her husband but fails in her attempt. Towards the end, she realizes the power she has over Sandeep since she can make him jealous easily.

The Home and The World Review:

The story follows the themes of rationality and corruption and of reality and truth. Most people thought that through Sandeep, Tagore wanted to show Gandhi but others disagree since Gandhi was largely against violence and Tagore admired Gandhi too much to paint him as a negative character in the book.

The concept of love is explored through Nikhil and Bimala’s relationship since Nikhil married his wife even though she came from a poor family. Also, he tries to educate her and make her more aware of the happenings in the country.

Download The Home and The World Pdf Free:

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