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Download The Horse’s Mouth Pdf Free + Read Summary & Review

The Horse’s Mouth is a novel written by Joyce Carry. The novel was written in 1994 and it was the last volume in a trilogy written by the author. This novel is preceded by Herself Surprised and To be A Pilgrim. The novel talks about the person who exploits those around him especially his friend to make himself money. Through the main character, the author talks about the political and social air at that time. In the end, download The Horse’s Mouth Pdf free.

The Horse’s Mouth Pdf


The Horse’s Mouth Summary:

The main character is Jimson is the son of an academy award winner. His father has nothing to do now because his style has gone out of fashion now. Jimson does not care for recognition by anyone, the academy or the people. He spends most of this type of theft and stealing money to buy art supplies. He, then, goes around the city to find empty walls where he can paint his heart out. Jimson is released from jail at the beginning of the novel.

He asks his ex-wife for the painting he drew which is worth a lot. She refuses to give it to him and he tries to get it by force due to which, she gets injured. Jimson does realize what a terrible person he has become but it does not bother him. Towards the end of the novel, he realizes that he has lost everything he had for his interest in painting. He suffers from a paralyzing stroke at the end which steals the ability of painting from him.

The Horse’s Mouth Review:

It is an extraordinary book that portrays how an obsession with something can make you lose everything you have in life at the moment. It is likely that you might even end up losing the obsession if your life is not balanced properly. A film adaptation of the book was also made and the screenplay of the film was nominated for Academy Awards.

Download The Horse’s Mouth Pdf Free:

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