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The Spy is a biographical fiction novel written by Paulo Coelho which first got published in 2016. It tells the story of an independent Indian woman who comes to Paris and makes her way through many stages of life. To get this book, you will need to click the free download link given at the end and a free The Spy Pdf will be provided.

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The Spy Summary:

Hata Mari is an Indian woman who wants to be independent by earning a living through her own work and to achieve that, she comes to Paris. She takes up the job as a dancer and very soon, she gains a lot of success while people keeping talking about a beautiful dancer who is enchanting the hearts of her fans. However, the country is at war and since she is a foreigner, the local forces arrest her under the suspicion of being a spy. While she defies the convention, she pays the final price.

The Spy Review:

The book garnered huge praise for its storytelling aspect even though critics recognized many parts of the book as weak and clumsy. Overall, it scored some good ratings where users on the Good Reads gave it 3.3 out of 5. The Spy was widely praised for the character of Hata Mari and her development as a successful woman which later lead on to some serious consequences as the spoils of war got the beautiful women under their influence.

Also, it received some huge praise for the final plot twist which we learn in the final letter written by Mari.

The Spy Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of its top features:

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  • The character of Mari was appreciated a lot by the critics.
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Download The Spy Pdf Free:

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