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From the author of bestsellers like The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage, we are now bringing The Zahir which is a book about a pilgrimage. The book first got published in 2005 and just like the other books, it got translated into many languages. Like the story of the Alchemist, it revolves around a journey and the protagonist is after a treasure. To get this book, download The Zahir Pdf right now from our website.

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The Zahir Summary:

The book revolves around the story of a narrator whose wife is missing and he narrates the complete quest of finding her and what he found on the journey. ‘Zahir’ is an Arabic word which means the obvious. Even though the narrator has no foul hand in the disappearance of his wife, the police and the other authorities suspect that he has done something and is responsible for the disappearance. Did she run away herself to escape from this marriage or was she abducted by someone else? This is something which the narrator has no idea about.

After meeting a friend of her, he later finds out that without telling him, she was a correspondent in the war and just to find herself some peace, she has left the city. What happens later? Well, find that out yourself.

The Zahir Review:

While this is not in the genre of suspense and thriller, The Zahir keeps your hearting beating throughout the book. The characters are conspicuous, there is a great depth to them, and is a great tale of right and wrong. The main character is caught in the dilemma is the best thing you have ever read. As far as the ratings are concerned, it has scored 3.6 out of 5 on the Good Reads and has received critical acclaim for the storyline and characters.

Download The Zahir Pdf Free:

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