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Smoking is a curse which may seem enjoyable while you do it but it eventually destroys your life. One you get this habit it seems impossible to quit it. Many researchers and authors have suggested many tricks and ways to stop this habit in their research papers and books. One of the books that became very successful due to its amazing and helpful content is Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Allen Carr centers are working day and night to help people quit smoking and rehabilitate them in their lives. You can join any of their centers to keep yourself away from this evil. If that is not possible then you can order video on demand lectures or also order this book called Easy Way to Quit Smoking. You can also download the free Easy Way to Quit Smoking pdf guide at the end of this post.

easy way to quit smoking pdf

Summary of the main points in Easy Way to Quit Smoking Pdf.

Here is a list and summary of all those points which eventually help you to quit smoking. They are described in a great detail in the book. I only gave them a touch here so keep reading.

  1. To start with the process, set time and date for smoking. Don’t smoke in after every few instance as you do usually but make a schedule when you have to smoke and try to make it lesser. This will help you keeping a routine and will remove the addiction gradually.
  2. Start making up your mind that cigarette is your enemy. Don’t love it while you are smoking. Think of all the damage that it is causing you. It is not something that brings you pleasure or happiness. A cigarette is just a thing that you are smoking for no reason and now you are enslaved by it.
  3. After few days or months, take a final vow. Light a cigarette and take a vow that this will be the last one of your life. Keeping their word always is a matter of great honor for men and when you will do this, it will become a matter of honor. Now whenever your heart will call for a smoke, you will think of your honor on the vow you have made and it will now tell you to light another cigarette.
  4. Start doing different exercises. Though nicotine does leave your body with time but exercises will make you feel happy and healthy. Daily exercise is a fighter against many diseases and so do against this curse called nicotine.
  5. Stop thinking about it. Find yourself something new to do. Get into any sport or order some pay per view movies or TV shows. Go out with family. In fact, do anything that will keep your mind away from the smoking.

So this was a summary of few points in the book which are very helpful for quitting this practice. Now you can lead a very happy and healthy life once you stop smoking.

Download Easy Way to Quit Smoking Pdf Free:

Free yourself from this curse which is your enemy, your wealth’s and time. Spend more time with your family because they are important for you and stay away from the people who bring you into this world. Pity those who are still having this habit and feel happy for yourself and your freedom from this curse. Keep visiting our site All Books Hub for more amazing pdfs and book reviews.

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